Bonding interface errors for bond0

Connections through firewall

Firewall Throughput

HTTP loadtime of a page

Hosts blacklisted by fail2ban


Netstat, combined

Netstat, established only

OpenVPN traffic


bond0 errors

bond0 traffic

br-10cba5010d75 errors

br-10cba5010d75 traffic

br-27450fcc7b3e errors

br-27450fcc7b3e traffic

br-9216dbc80f03 errors

br-9216dbc80f03 traffic

br-c497c682b24a errors

br-c497c682b24a traffic

br-dcd024ed6d1f errors

br-dcd024ed6d1f traffic

docker0 errors

docker0 traffic

enp1s0 errors

enp1s0 traffic

enp2s0 errors

enp2s0 traffic

enp3s0 errors

enp3s0 traffic

enp3s0f0 errors

enp3s0f0 traffic

enp3s0f1 errors

enp3s0f1 traffic

enp4s0f0 errors

enp4s0f0 traffic

enp4s0f1 errors

enp4s0f1 traffic

enp5s0 errors

enp5s0 traffic

enp6s18 errors

enp6s18 traffic

ens160 errors

ens160 traffic

ens18 errors

ens18 traffic

ens192 errors

ens192 traffic

ens3 errors

ens3 traffic

eth0 errors

eth0 traffic

eth1 traffic

fwbr101i0 errors

fwbr101i0 traffic

fwln101i0 errors

fwln101i0 traffic

fwpr101p0 errors

fwpr101p0 traffic


lan errors

lan traffic

tap100i1 errors

tap100i1 traffic

tap100i2 errors

tap100i2 traffic

tap100i3 errors

tap100i3 traffic

tap100i4 errors

tap100i4 traffic

tap101i0 errors

tap101i0 traffic

tap103i0 errors

tap103i0 traffic

tap104i0 errors

tap104i0 traffic

tap108i0 errors

tap108i0 traffic

tap207i0 errors

tap207i0 traffic

tun0 errors

tun0 traffic

veth10e7389 errors

veth10e7389 traffic

veth22ff14b errors

veth22ff14b traffic

veth30136cf errors

veth30136cf traffic

veth354c9e6 errors

veth354c9e6 traffic

veth47f0694 errors

veth47f0694 traffic

veth49a5b32 errors

veth49a5b32 traffic

veth5ac6a24 errors

veth5ac6a24 traffic

veth6d6118b errors

veth6d6118b traffic

veth71b3564 errors

veth71b3564 traffic

veth791216e errors

veth791216e traffic

veth951134e errors

veth951134e traffic

vetha597c66 errors

vetha597c66 traffic

vethe231102 errors

vethe231102 traffic

vethe52c963 errors

vethe52c963 traffic

vethebaf06d errors

vethebaf06d traffic

vethf153743 errors

vethf153743 traffic

vlan-camera errors

vlan-camera traffic

vmbr0 errors

vmbr0 traffic

vmbr1 errors

vmbr1 traffic

wlan0 errors

wlan0 traffic

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